Our Leaders

Our Staff, Musicians, Board of Trustees and Team Leaders

Rev. Prentiss John Davis, Sr. Minister

Shirley Long, Church Administrator

Cathy DeWitt, Musician

Shades of Gray with Tom Gray and John Mulkey – Musicians

We are here to serve you! Please contact us with general questions or comments during office hours: Monday – Thursday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. To set up an appointment with Rev. Davis, please call the office and set a time that is beneficial to both parties.

You can reach us by email or by phone (352) 687-2113. If you have information you would like to have posted on this website, please email it to our office. To email our minister, click or tap here: Rev. Prentiss Davis

(Note: Our office staff reserves the right to edit any postings and determine if the posting is appropriate and consistent with our mission, vision and goals.)

Unity of Ocala’s Bylaws

2018 Board of Trustees

Jeff Gann, 2018 Board President

Jeff Gann, President

Peter Pinto, Vice President

Adriana Salmon, Alternate  –  Secretary

Linda Spratt – Treasurer

Jeanne Joiner – Trustee

Cherril Parris-Henry – Trustee

Julio Perez – Trustee

Sheba Beck – Alternate

Rev. Prentiss John Davis – Minister

Children’s Ministry
Anna Horton, Cindy Long

Prayer Chaplain Team Lead
Sudie Bogard-Williams

Bookstore Manager The Wisdom Well
Lola Strickland

Buildings and Grounds Team Lead
Peter Pinto

Julio Perez

Women of Unity
Adriana Salmon, President
BettyJean Wochinski  – Secretary
Sudie Bogard-Williams  – Treasurer

Church Communications & Volunteer Coordinator
Jeanne Joiner

Jeanne Joiner and Sudie B Williams

Jeanne Joiner and Sudie B Williams





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