Meditation Class

Simple meditation will help you experience peace within the self and develop healthy balanced between the inner and the outer world. This class is going to offer you guidance and instructions on how to build your own meditation practice at home or with others. We will practice four basic techniques (breathing, guided/ imagery meditation, introspection meditation, and silence meditation.  Class being taught by Lydia Vieques – love offering.

Nov 13, 27 Tuesday 11 am
Nov 15, 29 Thursday 5 pm


5-Week Class – Spiritual Economics

5-Week Prosperity Course – Spiritual Economics, based on the book by Eric Butterworth. We have the power within us to live abundantly! Class will take place on Sundays, October 7, 14, 21, 28 & November 11, noon-2 pm.  You can attend just one class or all of them that fit your schedule. Our bookstore will have copies of the book available for sale prior to the class. The class will be facilitated by Rev. Patricia Wagner, Love Offering.


Guest Speaker, September 23rd

Our guest speaker for Sunday, September 23rd, is Rev. Polly Dozier, a Unity minister who has served congregations in Washington D.C.,Chicago, Dallas, Richmond, Anchorage, Alaska, and Vancouver Island, B.C. She is also a life coach, an EFT practitioner, and has served as an international mediator in Russia for the Russian Orthodox Church. Rev. Polly lives in Ocala and enjoys time with her son and granddaughter. She has contributed to our overall Unity movement as both Regional Director and President of the South Central Association and as an elected Board member of the World-wide Association of Unity Churches. Her message for the 23rd is …

“Radiantly Alive and Kicking!” 
“I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal.” –Jeremiah 30:17
YES! miracles are taking place in your body every moment due to the healing power of the eternal Spirit of life in you. Whenever you feel discouraged or tired or run down, call upon the mind power of life. The power to resurrect new energy is not a supernatural one. It is a natural gift of divine inheritance. In each cell and atom of your body is life, substance and intelligence. When you speak words of “life,” each cell responds. Science has now demonstrated that cells listen to each other and to us. When you focus on the life Idea, your cells will generate new life and vitality!


Mother-Father-Summertime Auction – FUNraiser

Unity of Ocala is delighted to announce a recent and generous gift of lovely merchandise, some brand new in their original boxes, and other things gently used, from several estates. These beautiful and practical things are being shared with all of you, in an exciting new adventure, the Mother-Father-Summertime Auction. Just in time for gift giving for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and summer time events, this auction is being held on Sunday, April 29, at Unity of Ocala, following the Sunday Service.

This auction will follow the same format and procedure as our annual Chinese Auction. Tickets, 25 per sheet, at $10 per sheet, will be available at 9:30 am on Sunday, April 29. All proceeds from this auction are pledged to the support of Unity of Ocala.

How can you have more fun and excitement at this event?
*Please invite and bring along family, friends, and neighbors.
*Please bring finger food for snaking on during the auction.
*Please consider donating a major door prize for this event. A $50 prepaid Visa card would be perfect!
*Let’s make sure there’s something for everyone. Several $25 prepaid Visa cards, Publix cards, Walmart cards would also be a lot of fun!
*Please consider making a cash contribution: $3, $5, $10, or whatever you are guided to donate, will be used to purchase gift cards for this auction.

Each sheet of tickets that you buy gives you one DOOR PRIZE ticket.  The grand prize will be an envelop of CASH!

Click here to view a sampling of the items available at the auction.




12 Powers February/Strength

Be Strong 

By Winifred Wilkinson Hausmann … as seen on 

Strength is not simply a physical quality. As with all the Twelve Powers, it expresses itself on three levels, each one complementing the others in this life expression on the earth plane.

In the physical realm, strength is vitality, endurance, the ability to persist. In the mental area of expression, strength is that quality of mind which enables one to lead, to accomplish, to follow through on decisions, to establish purposes in life, and to hold firm to spiritual principles in daily living. It expresses itself as stability of character.

The highest expression, and the one that should determine the direction of strength in the other realms, is the spiritual realization of this quality. Here strength is closely allied with faith. In the symbology of the 12 disciples and the 12 qualities of mind that we are to develop as Jesus encouraged and developed his closest followers, strength and faith are represented by the brothers Andrew and Peter.

Peter must be the first of our qualities to be unfolded in a spiritual way, because without faith there is no impetus to action and no foundation for a program of spiritual growth. Faith also is our innate ability to see the unseen, plus the desire to persist in order to bring it forth. But faith has to be established in strength. The “two brothers” must grow together, both under the loving direction of our own Christ nature, the “perfect human” idea within us.

Faith must continually be strengthened, and strength must be inspired to right action by spiritual faith. In a spiritual way, then, strength enables us to persist in prayer, to build a stronger and stronger faith in our spiritual nature and the activity of God through us, and to do the things that need to be done by us as a part of becoming the “fourth dimension” person that our Twelve Powers, spiritually developed, enable us to be.

The person who depends on physical strength alone is constantly being challenged by others in the human thought and eventually will be overcome by one who is stronger. … Mental strength alone—pitted against the strong mind of another—may result in a test of wills, a human contest, with the same results. Only spiritual strength remains nonresistant, triumphant, regardless of the challenge.

For the best results, both physical and mental strength must be rooted in the spiritual development of the strength faculty. …

… Strength is a quality that we can and must develop if we are to bring forth our God-given potential. It is to be brought forth along with the other 11 powers, but it must be basic in our growth.

As you begin your development of this faculty represented by Andrew, declare quietly to yourself: Through the will and the work of [Spirit] within, my God-given potential of strength is developed and expressed—easily and in divine order. Remember that strength is to be developed easily, not with tension and strain, but with a relaxed, trusting attitude.

… As with all the powers, strength is consciously awakened first in the intellectual nature and then developed (through prayerful concentration on the idea) to be a spiritual realization of oneness with the Source of all strength.