Halloween Family Game Night

Oct 26th @ 6:30 pm – GAME NIGHT – WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP ORGANIZE AND RUN HALLOWEEN GAME NIGHT. There will be music and games, costume contest, Homemade Cake/Dessert Raffle 7 refreshments. Games: BINGO, Cards, Scrabble, Rumi Cube, Monopoly etc. Bring your favorite card game or board game and find new friends to play. This is a great time to bring family and or friends. The best way to introduce people to Unity is to invite them to come. If you want to volunteer, please call the church office at (352) 687-2113.


Guest Speaker, September 23rd

Our guest speaker for Sunday, September 23rd, is Rev. Polly Dozier, a Unity minister who has served congregations in Washington D.C.,Chicago, Dallas, Richmond, Anchorage, Alaska, and Vancouver Island, B.C. She is also a life coach, an EFT practitioner, and has served as an international mediator in Russia for the Russian Orthodox Church. Rev. Polly lives in Ocala and enjoys time with her son and granddaughter. She has contributed to our overall Unity movement as both Regional Director and President of the South Central Association and as an elected Board member of the World-wide Association of Unity Churches. Her message for the 23rd is …

“Radiantly Alive and Kicking!” 
“I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal.” –Jeremiah 30:17
YES! miracles are taking place in your body every moment due to the healing power of the eternal Spirit of life in you. Whenever you feel discouraged or tired or run down, call upon the mind power of life. The power to resurrect new energy is not a supernatural one. It is a natural gift of divine inheritance. In each cell and atom of your body is life, substance and intelligence. When you speak words of “life,” each cell responds. Science has now demonstrated that cells listen to each other and to us. When you focus on the life Idea, your cells will generate new life and vitality!


Mother-Father-Summertime Auction – FUNraiser

Unity of Ocala is delighted to announce a recent and generous gift of lovely merchandise, some brand new in their original boxes, and other things gently used, from several estates. These beautiful and practical things are being shared with all of you, in an exciting new adventure, the Mother-Father-Summertime Auction. Just in time for gift giving for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and summer time events, this auction is being held on Sunday, April 29, at Unity of Ocala, following the Sunday Service.

This auction will follow the same format and procedure as our annual Chinese Auction. Tickets, 25 per sheet, at $10 per sheet, will be available at 9:30 am on Sunday, April 29. All proceeds from this auction are pledged to the support of Unity of Ocala.

How can you have more fun and excitement at this event?
*Please invite and bring along family, friends, and neighbors.
*Please bring finger food for snaking on during the auction.
*Please consider donating a major door prize for this event. A $50 prepaid Visa card would be perfect!
*Let’s make sure there’s something for everyone. Several $25 prepaid Visa cards, Publix cards, Walmart cards would also be a lot of fun!
*Please consider making a cash contribution: $3, $5, $10, or whatever you are guided to donate, will be used to purchase gift cards for this auction.

Each sheet of tickets that you buy gives you one DOOR PRIZE ticket.  The grand prize will be an envelop of CASH!

Click here to view a sampling of the items available at the auction.




The LifeLift Experience

Learn a way to remind yourself of who and what you really are: a permanent expression of LOVE!
This seminar will be given on Saturday, August 26th from 9:30 am to 6 pm at Unity of Ocala. Fee per person $150, a $145 discount from the normal $295.00 fee. This near 50% reduction applies to all students of New Thought.  This is a great opportunity to finally free yourself from your limiting & painful core belief about yourself.

The LifeLift Experience… a gateway to greater life fulfillment. Join facilitators Ted Anders, PhD & Rev. Donna Davis, RN and Nira Colyn, MD for a day program with the following goals:

*Gain Clarity into why you have experienced repeated painful experiences in the past,
*Experience yourself AS LOVE, not as a person endlessly seeking “love”.
*Free yourself of painful, self-limiting beliefs.
*Experience the joy of your limitless potential.

To register for this event, click below.