March Rummage Sale

Our long anticipated Unity of Ocala Rummage Sale is coming! The dates this year are Friday, March 2nd and Saturday March 3rd. This is the perfect time to do a spring cleaning and get those closets, drawers, garages, and storage units in order. It is an opportunity too help our church by donating what no longer serves you and make room for the good to flow into your life ! Please be aware, however, that our space and human resources to sort and price items is not infinite, so we ask that only those things that you would purchase for yourself or someone else be donated to our sale. Nothing will be priced at less than .25. No clothing items due to available space. Other items, that experience has shown us do not sell, are both glasses and coffee mugs without mates unless the mugs have holiday, fun, or inspirational graphics. Easter is April 1st 2018, so Easter themed items would be top sellers. The hours will be the same as in the past, starting early at 7 am for both days, until 2 on Friday, and 12:00 Saturday.  Note: $2 bag sale starts at 10:30 am on Saturday, March 3rd

Donations Dos and Don’ts

NO CLOTHES adult or children
NO Mismatched Glassware, sets only
NO Mismatched COFFEE MUGS/CUPS, sets only
NO Plastic Food Storage Containers unless in good condition.
NO Stained Textiles/Pillows
NO items that you would throw in the trash (we do get this)
YES Easter Decorations
YES Easter Themed Home Goods & Dishes/Mugs
YES Boutique Items (not clothing)



The LifeLift Experience

Learn a way to remind yourself of who and what you really are: a permanent expression of LOVE!
This seminar will be given on Saturday, August 26th from 9:30 am to 6 pm at Unity of Ocala. Fee per person $150, a $145 discount from the normal $295.00 fee. This near 50% reduction applies to all students of New Thought.  This is a great opportunity to finally free yourself from your limiting & painful core belief about yourself.

The LifeLift Experience… a gateway to greater life fulfillment. Join facilitators Ted Anders, PhD & Rev. Donna Davis, RN and Nira Colyn, MD for a day program with the following goals:

*Gain Clarity into why you have experienced repeated painful experiences in the past,
*Experience yourself AS LOVE, not as a person endlessly seeking “love”.
*Free yourself of painful, self-limiting beliefs.
*Experience the joy of your limitless potential.

To register for this event, click below.