Annual Chinese Auction – Nov 5th

On Sunday, November 5th Unity of Ocala will be hosting our Annual Chinese Auction. This FunRaiser is a fan favorite event.  Tickets are $10/sheet. Each sheet contains 25 tickets and one Door Prize ticket.  Tables are set up displaying all of the gifts, services, and gift cards that are available for bidding.  Each ticket is one bid for an item.  More tickets you place in the bowl for the item you desire, the greater the chances are that your ticket will be drawn and you will be the winner.

This year we have 4 door prizes.  For our Grand Prize we have once again been blessed with a two night stay at The Fountains Beach resort in Dayton Beach, compliments of Classic Hits, WITG 104.7 . Dates of use must be mutually agreeable to both parties. It sleeps 4 comfortably and has been recently renovated. Each person who purchases a sheet of 25 tickets gets one chance at the door prize. More sheets of tickets = more chances to win one of the four door prizes.

The Chinese Auction is open to the public.  Refreshments will be served. Bring a friend or family member and plan on having a wonderful time.


The LifeLift Experience

Learn a way to remind yourself of who and what you really are: a permanent expression of LOVE!
This seminar will be given on Saturday, August 26th from 9:30 am to 6 pm at Unity of Ocala. Fee per person $150, a $145 discount from the normal $295.00 fee. This near 50% reduction applies to all students of New Thought.  This is a great opportunity to finally free yourself from your limiting & painful core belief about yourself.

The LifeLift Experience… a gateway to greater life fulfillment. Join facilitators Ted Anders, PhD & Rev. Donna Davis, RN and Nira Colyn, MD for a day program with the following goals:

*Gain Clarity into why you have experienced repeated painful experiences in the past,
*Experience yourself AS LOVE, not as a person endlessly seeking “love”.
*Free yourself of painful, self-limiting beliefs.
*Experience the joy of your limitless potential.

To register for this event, click below.