The Greatest Light Appears After the Deepest Darkness

August 2nd, As we put Tish Be Av, the darkest time of the year, behind us we can wholeheartedly lean on our Unity teachings to prepare for a time of access to the greatest light and essence of God. Learn how to clear the way for your spiritual senses to be able to open full for Divine guidance.
Prepare to light the candles at sundown this Tuesday as we join with millions around the globe to welcome and embrace “Tu Be Av” the 3rd day of August which starts the brightest time of the year. Happy New Awakenings!

Finding Great Light Even in the Deepest Darkness

Join us as we journey through the story of the Babylonian Conquest where our ancestors were faced with an exile from a place of peace and prosperity. They were forced out of their home into unknown territory. Watch how God can show up even in our deepest despair, even when we feel godless we can simply open ourselves for guidance and Trust.

The Power of Darkness

We all face dark times, we all dread dark times. At times we fear and try everything in our power to escape and avoid dark times. But what if, instead, we take a moment to explore the darkness and, since it is apparently a part of life, we begin to look at it as a positive thing and perhaps a necessary thing.
Unity teaches ALL things are lessons God would have us learn in order to live and experience the highest version of ourselves.
Let’s embrace our fear and dare to look honestly and deeply into the power, the beauty and the potentiality of the darkness. You’re not alone in there!

July 12th – The Power of Darkness