Tapping Your Way to Abundance, Wednesdays in June noon – 2 pm

Tapping is an energy therapy you can easily learn to clear any blocks in your consciousness that may interfere with reaching your highest potential! In Unity, we define abundance as a state of being aligned with our essential spiritual nature, where all is possible. In this state, we are natural co-creators with the Source of All That Is. As we get into this flow of Divine Energy, we have access to joy, health, happiness, and abundance which become our everyday experience.

Our instructor, Rev. Polly Dozier has taught tapping or EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique) to her congregants and clients for the past twenty years. She has seen major healings and exciting transformations when people use this simple, yet powerful technique. Don’t miss this opportunity to add EFT to your spiritual practice. A minimum $10 donation is requested. Please feel free to give as you are guided.

“Polly can help any person who is stuck in their life move over a bump in the road. She does it by using EFT, compassion and spiritual principles to move you!”—M. MacDonald, award-winning Saleswoman, British Columbia, Canada.

“In working with Polly, I have been able to clear the decks of old stuff. EFT is fast and easy and the results are miraculous!”—C. Schuller, Business Coach, Richmond, Virginia.


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