Unity Fund Raiser – Join Lynn Woodland’s The Miracles Course

Don’t miss the next class on Wednesdays via Zoom, 8-9 p.m. with Lynn Woodland. Cost: Donation.

100% of all donations go to Unity of Ocala.

Lynn Woodland, creator of The Miracles Course, is the author of Holding a Butterfly-An Experiment in Miracle-Making and The Breakthrough Point-A Spiritual Activist’s Guide to Thriving in a Modern World. She is an international teacher and human potential expert with a decades-long career in transpersonal psychology, human motivation, spiritual healing, and mind-body psychology. Her particular expertise is in what gives rise to miracles and in teaching ordinary people to live extraordinary lives so that miracles become, not just possible, but natural.

For more information about Lynn Woodland’s Miracles Course, see lynnwoodland.com.

Direct questions related to this class, email: lynn@lynnwoodland.com.

Please arrive on time and mute yourself when you arrive.

The Zoom link to attend is:




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