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 Sunday Services (10 am) in September at Unity of Ocala

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3rd – “What’s happening?” – Sunday School Resumes
10th – “I’m Right”
17th – “Forward”
24th – “Newness”  – New Member Sunday, 4th Sunday Potluck Returns

24th Unity World Day of Prayer
Thursday, September 14th

Times of great change challenge us to find our center in the midst of seeming chaos. The spiritual practice of finding peace right where you are, in the midst of any situation, has been the prescription of master teachers through the ages.

Unity is echoing this centuries-old practice during World Day of Prayer 2017, calling for “Peace in the Midst.” We’re engaging people all over the world with renewed spiritual energy to Pray Peace … Be Peace … Do Peace.

Unity of Ocala invites you to join us for the 24th annual Unity World Day of Prayer, Thursday, September 14, 2017. Our church will be open from 9am to 5 pm for prayer and meditation.  We invite you to come to the church for an hour or what ever time you can give to sit silently in prayer.  Bring your prayer requests or fill them out before you come.  You can also  link to the Unity website and fill out prayer requests online.

At 6:30 pm Rev. Davis will lead participants in an Interfaith Prayer Service.  We will joined by prayer leaders from the Ocala greater community.  Please join us and bring a friend or family member.  This is the perfect time to come together and affirm and pray for peace in the midst of all matters. There is no charge and no love offering will be taken.

Together we affirm: I am peace in the midst of all matters!


The month of September  – 12 Powers 
For the month of September is ORDER

Order—The ability to organize, balance, sequence, adjust.
Affirmation: My life is in balance and in order, and all is well.
The disciple is James, son of Alphaeus. He represents the harmony and balance available through centering our awareness.
The corresponding color is olive green and the location is the navel.

Children’s Blessing – We empower you to do great things! Sunday School services returned 9/3 following the summer break. 


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