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Sunday Services at Unity of Ocala for December 2020 Will Be Virtual and In-Person (with reservations required) 

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Our last in-person service was held on March 15th. During the month October 2020 we began hosting SMALL gatherings on Sunday mornings. Reservations are being taken as we can only accommodate 16 people per service (9:30 am and 11 am).  Click here to reserve a spot for our Small Sacred Gatherings. 
We will be filming our Small Sacred Gatherings and sharing them on YouTube to our channel: Unity of Ocala.  CLICK HERE to sign up for our weekly eNews which will give you link access to all our recorded content. We also have a sampling of our recordings available on our PODCAST menu. To view these recordings select PODCAST from our main menu.  Our most current videos are presented on our HOME page as well.
During our time in lock down and limited face-to-face gatherings, you can also connect via our Weekly Wednesday Love Notes.

The Month of December – 12 Powers  LIFE


Affirmation: I am filled with life, sweet life.

Life—The ability to energize and animate.
The disciple is Judas. He represents the cleansing of selfishness, allowing the life force to flow to every part of the body.
The corresponding color is red, and the location is the reproductive organs.


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