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 Sunday Services (10 am) in February at Unity of Ocala

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02/04 – Love

02/11  – Community

02/18 – The Beginning

02/25 – Guest Speaker, Patricia Wagner, LUT



Is it a word or an idea, or is it an event? Whatever Freedom is we desire it. There is a place somewhere within us that hates the feeling of being controlled. That’s right we hate someone or something over us, telling or making us do what we choose not to do. I will admit that we as humans have a number of traits that come with this body and mind that seem to hider us.

We also have God given freedoms that can never be taken. Our liberty, is given by God, our right to love, to have and express self-dignity and self-respect are not the law of man. These gifts therefore can’t be taken, they can only be given away. Yes the body can be enslaved by a number of things an even other people, yet we can choose to hold on to our esteem and worth in the face of all adversity.

Throughout time individuals have tried to “break” our wills to “be”, for whatever reason. They fail to understand the power of the creator. The creator isn’t a selective force choosing only special people to receive divine gifts. All people are Gods divine children. No government, law, country, or idea can be the reason we release our true selves. We are Divine Children and we must stand on this Truth.

So before you release your God given rights remember who gave them to you, and then say, Thank you God. Peace

The month of February  – 12 Powers 

12-powersAffirmation: I have the strength to accomplish all that is mine to do.
Strength—The ability to endure, stay the course, persevere.
The disciple, Andrew, represents the stability that lies at the foundation of every true character.
The corresponding color is light green and the location is the small of the back.


Children’s Blessing – We empower you to do great things!


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