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 Sunday Services (10 am) in March at Unity of Ocala

HANDS connecting3rd – “My Strength” Rev Prentiss Davis,  Music by Shades of Gray
10th – “Ears Don’t Pass Head” Rev Prentiss Davis,  Music Gretchen Van Loozen
17th –  Guest Speaker, Janice Puta – “A Turn in the Road”,  Music by Shades of Gray
24th – Women of Unity Sunday,  Guest Speaker, Rev Gay Lynn Williamson-Grigas,  Music by Cathy DeWitt – Potluck Luncheon and 50/50 Raffle to follow service.
31st – “G. P. S.” Rev Prentiss Davis, Music by  Sky Nelson Isaacs, Workshop to follow service: “Living in the Flow” presented by Sky Nelson Isaacs.

The World Today … by Rev. Prentiss Davis 

There was a time that I believed that I knew the truth of my existence, that everything would stay the same and nothing would change. Not my life, the lives of my family members, not my love of things. My life was good as good or better than any 12 yr. old in the whole world. Yet over and over my world began to change, the world that I envisioned slowly began to disintegrate before my eyes.

I could no longer visit my grands or hug my parents for they were no longer on this plane. Love for my favorite foods changed along with my need to play my kid games for they just didn’t interest me anymore, change creates growth.
So over the years my growth has created a new outlook on life and how to address it in a healthy manner. Of course I’ve fallen short a number of times, yet the falling and getting up has helped me to create a consciousness of being a helper, something that was embedded into my very Being.

Everything was fine, okay, very good, until I realized I’d misunderstood a valued part of my very existence. A part that is mandatory, a part that doesn’t look like us, a part that I ignored, “the Earth”.

I currently live in a state that is flooded with wild life, lakes, and people. How could I discount my environment, by thinking that it would always be the same, never needing special care or attention from me. The Creator of all put the same Divine love in me and this ball of rocks, water, and mud, therefore our planet needs the same if not more attention and love that we do.

Audubon Society, Environmental Defense fund, and Sierra club are just a few who are involved in being conscious caretakers of “mother earth”. There are animals that no longer exist, forest that have disappeared, rivers and streams that have dried up all due to our lack of comparison towards our only home. A healthy earth helps in the creation of healthy inhabitants.

Today please join me in using the Divine wisdom and understanding given us by the Creator of all to address the health and care of this miracle call Earth. Peace

The month of March  – 12 Powers 

12-powersAffirmation: I am guided by divine wisdom in every thought, word and action.
Wisdom—The ability to evaluate, discern, apply what you know.
The disciple, James, son of Zebedee.
The corresponding color is yellow and the location is the pit of the stomach.




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