White Stone Ceremony

What is “White Stone” Sunday?
This day when we set our intentions (similar to resolutions) for the new year. Rather than focusing on what we will do, we focus on who we are called to be in order to birth the emerging vision of our highest essence. Through meditation, we arrive at one or two words which represent what we want to see expressing in our experience or what we are ready to shift. Each person receives a white stone and a pencil. During the service, we connect with our divine essence—whatever we call God, as we are invited to ask for guidance on what our word or words will be for the upcoming year. These words will represent our highest intention and may be in the form of a new name that will represent this emerging spiritual identity that will guide us through the new year as our high intentions unfold. That name is then written upon the white stone that we keep throughout the year as a reminder of our intention.


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